Basic Clicker Training Sessions begin with an informational Dog Training Classroom session followed by hands on Clicker Training sessions. Marker Training, commonly referred to as “Clicker Training”, allows you to use a clicker to “mark” (or point out) any trick or behavior you want to teach your dog. Clicker Training is a simple, fun, and highly effective technique used for teaching your dog new ‘tricks’. Remember: if it’s not something your dog would normally do without a cue, then from your dog’s perspective, it’s a trick.

Our Clicker Training Sessions specifically cover teaching you to train your dog to: sit, lie down, stay, come when called and walk a loose leash. However, you will also learn the basic principals needed to train your dog to perform just about any trick.

Our Manners Matter program will ensure that your puppy, adolescent, or adult dog is properly socialized, friendly and confident!


Although we are happy to provide private clicker training, Private Training Sessions are normally provided to allow us to help you with behavioral problems rather than teaching your dog new tricks.

We believe in the concept of teaching your dog “incompatible behaviors” to address problem behaviors from your dog. This method of addressing behavioral issues requires your dog to know some basic cues, such as “sit” and “stay”. If your dog is not proficient with the basic behaviors taught in our clicker training sessions it is recommended, but not necessary, that you attend clicker training prior to trying to address behavioral problems with your dog.

Benefits of Clicker Training Classes:

  • Allows you to socialize your dog with other people and dogs.
  • Clicker training allows you to train your dog quickly and effectively.
  • People of all ages and strength levels can use Clicker Training.
  • Works well with dogs of ALL ages, especially puppies, but… You can teach an old dog new tricks.
  • Based on the principals of positive reinforcement.
  • Allows your dog to learn the desired behavior for themselves and therefore is more effectively retained.

We provide an initial consultation before you decide whether or not to commit to Private Training. It has been our experiences that we can teach you how to effectively manage most problem behaviors within two or three sessions.