What Our Humans Say

A huge KUDOS TO YOU! Joe and I would have never been able to experience our trip to Oregon without your expert help with Mousse. She was amazing on the trip. Being at the airport terminal; her first flight (first-class); eating out; visiting museums, gardens, tourist traps; hotels; and you name it. She was in “sensory overload”. No one could believe she was only 6 months old. We received nothing but compliments from everyone who came in contact with her on how well behaved she was. She even earned a pair of wings from the stewardesses! Thanks again. We could have never done it without you!

Janice M.

If you need your dog to be well-behaved and trained…. Wentworth Training Institute are your men!  My dog was nervous and jerky all the time, barked at just about every noise she heard, pulled incessantly when we walked, charged the front door, did not take me seriously, and was not very well socialized with other dogs. I have only gone to classes for the past few weeks, and what a transformation! David Wentworth is very well-versed in dog training and knows the ‘tricks of the trade’.  To the dogs, he is a gentle ‘force to be reckoned with’ who stays calm and level when dealing with them. His gentle assertiveness has an almost instantaneous effect on the animals that he is training and the results do show his talent! My dog is 7 years old and I thought that training was a lost cause, but David proved me wrong. I guess you ‘can teach an old dog new tricks!

Roberta M.

What Our Dogs Say