Group Training

The Wentworth Training Institute offers three essential Group Training options.

  • Basic Clicker Training
  • Advanced Clicker Training
  • Manners Matter (Socialization Training)

Basic Training Sessions begin with an informational Dog Training Classroom session followed by hands on Clicker Training sessions. Marker Training, commonly referred to as “Clicker Training”, allows you to use a clicker to “mark” (or point out) any trick or behavior you want to teach your dog. Clicker Training is a simple, fun, and highly effective technique used for teaching your dog new ‘tricks’. Remember: if it’s not something your dog would normally do without a cue, then from your dog’s perspective, it’s a trick.

Our Clicker Training Classes specifically cover teaching you to train your dog to: sit, lie down, stay, come when called and walk with a loose leash. However, you will also learn the basic principals needed to train your dog to perform just about any trick.

Our Manners Matter program will ensure that your puppy, adolescent, or adult dog is properly socialized, friendly and confident!

Step One:  Book our Informational Dog Training Classroom session held at the White Mountain Pet Care from 5-8 pm.

Please Note: You must attend the classroom session prior to attending any hands on training with your dog.  During the classroom sessions we provide a lot of great information about dogs, i.e. why does your dog act the way s/he does (good and bad), how to effectively communicate with your dog, and we will set the foundation for Clicker Training with your dog.

Step Two:  You will want to book your hands-on Basic Clicker Training sessions. These sessions are held weekly on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays at White Mountain Pet Care from 6 to 7 pm.

Advanced Clicker Training and Manners Matter are held Sundays from 3-4 pm at Evergreen Sports Center.