Define A “Good Dog”

If you want to be truly successful when it comes to training your dog, the first thing you should do before you begin training is define a “good dog”.

The Canine Guys don’t believe in defining a good dog for you because it has been our experience that what makes a good dog varies from person to person. In fact it often varies from person to person in the same home.

Here’s an example from my own home. My wife enjoys having the dogs on the bed so for her a good dog enjoys cuddling up with her while she watches television in bed, but for me a good dog doesn’t “hog up” the bed.

Who is right? There is no universally right answer, it  is up to each of us individually to define what behaviors makes them good dogs. So what do we do to ensure the dogs are able to meet both our standards for what makes a good dog? Well in our home, the dogs know that if my wife is on the bed they are welcome on the bed too, but as soon as I come in they need to jump off the bed.  They do get a nice “scratch behind the ears” for warming up my spot though…

Why is it important to define “A Good Dog?”

  1. If you have never determined your definition of a good dog, your poor dog sure isn’t going to know what to do to be a good dog.
  2. I could train your dog to be the perfect dog for me, but that doesn’t mean the dog will be the perfect dog for you. Maybe you like your dog to cuddle on the bed…
  3. If you can’t tell us what behaviors you want from your dog, we won’t know whether we succeeded in training your dog to be a good dog.
  4. Last, but certainly not least, The Canine Guys believe in teaching your dog incompatible behaviors.

Now, you probably have another question… What do you mean by “incompatible behaviors”? 

Come back and visit us again to learn more about incompatible behaviors…

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