Wentworth Training Institute is committed to enhancing the relationship between our clients and their canine counterparts by providing owners and handlers with the tools and knowledge necessary to effectively communicate with their canine counterpart to achieve desired behavioral results while maintaining a good rapport with their dog.

Wentworth Training Institute is also committed to continually expand their knowledge base with ongoing education and training in order to better assist our clients in reaching their goal for achieving their vision of a “good dog”.

The dog training industry is constantly evolving and involves multiple styles and methods of training. The method in which a dog is trained is driven by the desired goal or application in which the dog is to be utilized. New or revised methods of training are continually being developed. As these new and revised methods begin to emerge, they are critiqued on their effectiveness as well as their influence on the rapport between the handler and their dog.

The needs of the dog training industry are extensive. Dogs are used in a multitude of applications beyond providing companionship as loving pets. These applications range from having fun while participating in sports; including hunting and agility, to more serious applications such as working dogs; including military and police K-9s conducting vital missions and keeping their handler out of harms way to service dogs assisting physically and mentally disabled individuals by providing them with the eyes, ears, and companionship needed to make every day life enjoyable.

With such a wide range of applications, well-trained dogs are in high demand, which in turn requires trainers with the knowledge and experience necessary to meet those demands. Wentworth Training Institute strives to meet the needs and desires of all their clients from training family pets to service dogs and working dogs, Wentworth Training Institute strives to ensure the client’s needs are met.

Wentworth Training Institute continually strives to advance in all aspects of training and methods of employment as it pertains to both working dogs and pet dogs, as well as accommodating more advanced and unique methods of training.