David D. Wentworth

Owner, Trainer
Dave lives in the Littleton New Hampshire area with his wife, 4 children and their 2 dogs. He is currently the Chief of Police for the Sugar Hill Police Department. Dave began working with dogs professionally in 1983 as a Military Working Dog (MWD) Handler in the United States Air Force, eventually becoming a MWD Trainer and Supervisor. Dave then returned to Littleton New Hampshire where he became a Police Officer and initiated the Littleton Police Department’s first Canine Unit becoming the Police Department’s Canine Trainer and Supervisor.

Dave was the former President of the Board of Directors for the Above The Notch Humane Society (ATNHS), a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter. In 2010 Dave attended training with Gale Fisher, Owner of All Dogs Gym & Inn and author of “The Thinking Dog” to become a Clicker Trainer.


Linda Lee


Linda loves dogs, dog training, and helping people make better connections with their animals. Her primary areas of focus in training are basic obedience, building confidence in dog and handler, and agility. Linda competes in Canine Performance Events (CPE) agility trials. Having earned several championship titles with her previous dog, Linda is now training her young lab mix along the same “career path”.

“I love watching that A-Ha moment in a dog when a training obstacle is overcome – whether it was something that was confusing and suddenly makes sense, or it was something that was totally frightening that can now be taken completely in stride.”



Rachel Wood


Rachel developed an interest in dogs at an early age. Going to grooming school at 18 she continued her grooming career for 8 years. After that transitioning into kennel work including doggie daycare and working with shelter dogs. This is what sparked her interest in dog behavior and training. Fostering a number of dogs with issues furthered her education and research into different training techniques.

After taking some time off to start a family she got together with David and became involved in clicker training. Impressed with the results and technique of clicker she hopes to further her education and career in clicker training.



Marianne O’Loughlin


Marianne is a dog trainer as well as a veterinary technician and believes that behavioral health is just as important as physical health. She plans to specialize in treating behavior problems, particularly anxiety, in dogs and other family companions.

She began her career working with wildlife, mainly birds and reptiles. And if an eagle can learn to volunteer positive behaviors, so can your family dog!